Looking For an Interior Designer in KL?

If you are looking for an interior designer in KL, there are many different choices available to you. When you’re trying to design the entire interior of your home or even a smaller space, One Space Design Group is the company for you. They offer cutting-edge design services and are able to assist you with all your needs. They have a portfolio that includes residential, hospitality, commercial and hospitality projects. Read their testimonials or inquire for a portfolio to find out more about their offerings.

Studio Bikin

The city of Kuala Lumpur, Interior designer Studio Bikin has made a name for itself by transforming the interior of a century old home. An old terrace housing development and the Desa House can be found on a hillside. Farah is interested in learning more about the background of the Pasar Malam. The firm’s design integrates design and architecture with interior design as well as furniture, art as well as landscaping, to give the most holistic design approach.

Studio Bikin is primarily involved with residential properties, but it also has a hand in commercial ventures. Studio Bikin transforms mid-terrace homes and builds new ones. Studio Bikin also works on furniture-related projects. Studio Bikin’s retail arm Kedai Bikin, located in the same building, sells furnishings and accessories made locally. Asean designer pieces are also offered at the shop. The store was first launched as a temporary shop in Publika in 2012. Since then, it was opened as an official outlet.

Studio Bikin, a design studio also known under the name Studio Bikin, began as an architect-led practice that was small located in Kuala Lumpur in 2011. Studio Bikin has grown to grow into a lifestyle and furniture company. Bikin, or “make” can be described as Malay term used to refer to the names Kedai or Kedai. The studio’s aesthetic and design sensibility is in close dialogue with the local culture, discourse and the materials. Studio Bikin is a well-known company in Kuala Lumpur, and currently it is involved in commercial and hospitality projects.

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle, a small interior design firm based out of Kuwait City is specialized in designing functional spaces using an Blaine Robert Design approach. Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle can provide hassle-free interior design solutions. The portfolio of their company includes the retail, office, as well as gallery spaces. Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle is part of the DMZ International Design Group.

Interior design within Malaysia is growing in popularity, thanks to the Twin Towers. These structures not only help to establish the country’s identity however, they also gave Malaysians the opportunity to see something beautiful in the sky. Due to the increase in mobility and travel, the world is becoming more accessible and people are eager to explore and experience more. In the past, The Twin Towers were a catalyst for this new era of interior design and style in Malaysia.

Xenn Interior Design

If you are looking for an all-in-one interior design solution within Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia You’ve found it. Xenn Interior Design has a team of skilled designers who offer customised ideas for your residential, commercial or themed projects. The team specializes in the designing and renovation of homes and offices. They’ll work with you to make sure that the space you create is as beautiful and practical as it can be.

Metrics Global was founded in 2013 and is an internationally acknowledged interior design company. They specialize in private home designs, along with modern interior design of commercial spaces. The team of designers at this firm is able to manage the entire project beginning with concept and design, all the way to the execution stage, and everything in between. The interior designers are well-trained and knowledgeable in the different categories of interior design like architecture, wet-work extensions, and interior design.

Xenn Interior Design is a highly rated design firm for interiors in Malaysia. The team of their designers comes from from across the world and they are capable of creating stunning and functional spaces for their customers. The design process they employ is simple and efficient. You can be assured of high-end work that they produce. There’s no better way to ensure that your interiors are attractive and practical rather than selecting a company capable of both.

Urban Designs Studio

If you’re looking for an interior designer from Malaysia then you’ve found the perfect place. Urban Designs Studio is a Malaysian interior design company. The company provides complete services, beginning with concept development and ending with the choosing of furnishings and fabrics and even construction. The company’s unique and meticulous approach to designing interiors is the thing it is well-known for. Continue reading to learn more about their capabilities. They also offer various designs, both for private spaces and commercial ones.

Ben Chua is a Malaysian-born Interior designer from Singapore who graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 2000. After just a couple of years working in Singapore then he returned to Malaysia and founded Urban Designs Studio Sdn Bhd. Since then, the company has grown into six separate entities that are located in Malaysia which includes Kuala Lumpur. Besides its headquarters in KL The firm has also established six branches throughout Malaysia.

The studio is focused on a sustainable method of interior design as well as having a good reputation in KL. They could quickly be able to comprehend and implement the design concepts we had. Also, we were able reduce costs by the planning of certain elements. Urban Designs Studio is a fantastic choice when it comes to interior design. The company is dedicated in helping other people lead an improved life. The best choice is the interior designer in KL that is committed to the same goal. This will show through the work they perform.

AJM Interiors is another popular firm for interior design in KL. The firm boasts over twenty years of experience and boasts an impressive portfolio of work that includes commercial, residential and international construction projects. AJM Interiors boasts a diverse portfolio of work that shows their distinct design and artistic style. Another company that offers interior design that is located in the city includes B&N Design Associates, which was founded in 2006.

AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors, a Kuala Malaysia-based company of interior designers is a long-standing company. The interior design firm offers extensive consultation and selection of contractors, supervision and monitoring of project completion. The company has been involved with numerous projects that have been successful and is well-known in the design world. The brief history of their work and work experience can be found in the following paragraphs. JAM Interiors Sdn Bhd an interior design and design company that offers both innovative and imaginative services.

AJM Interiors was founded in 2003 when AJM Interiors was established. The design team behind AJM Interiors has extensive experience developing luxurious office and home areas. They possess a distinctive style that has become an established brand. They’re known for their budgeting advice and flexible time frames, in addition to incorporating functionality and aesthetics into their work. Highly recommended for work with outstanding output.

Blaine Robert Design participated in the very beginning of designing and planning spaces. They also contributed to design and finishing choices for interiors. Their design was modern and modern. They also considered the requirements of the client. The design was able to integrate, for instance, the master bedroom and the living space at the beginning of the floor. Additionally, they utilized warm shades that accentuated the area. This was a unique design that made the home appear elegant. Due to their years of experience, they’re now a well-known interior designer within KL.