About Us.

Our Cafe is a delightful wonder for kids and parents to enjoy desserts

The idea came about from my very own daughter. Any time she was cranking, simply inviting her to eat a bowl of ice-cream would light up her face. I wanted the cafe to have the same sense of humour and magical happiness inducing properties like that bowl of ice cream.

And so One Angry Daughter came about, serving both kids and parents amazing colourful treats in a comfortable cafe environment. Food, desserts, and drinks are all specially created for kids, by kids! Our recipes are crafted by asking children what they would like in a dessert. By combining all their insights, we were able to come up with a menu full of yummy treats such as smore sandwiches, gummy bear ice cream boats, and chocolate fountain dips with candy!


Our Chefs

Samir Abdullah

Head Chef

Yaseer Nidami

Pastry Chef

Piers Moriarti

Desserts Chef

Gabe Foster

Chocolate Expert

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Cafe Amenities

Free WiFi


Relaxing Music

Free Parking

“One Angry Daughter is full of fun, laughter, and delicious desserts that’ll leave your kids as happy as a golden sunshine”

– Samira Samood

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