Strawberry Sundae Boat

strawberries, banana, whipped cream, and rich original strawberry ice-cream with sugar frosting


Toasted ice-Cream Souffle

a warm delicious pie with cold ice-cream core, infused with berries and warm custard


Berry Burst Sorbet

a zesty burst of flavours toasted to perfection in an ice-cream covered pastry shell.


Grand Cream Ice Blast

12 large scoops of ice-cream with caramel and oreo drizzle, lined with fresh fruits and candy



Yum Yum Fun

6 assorted pastries with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavoured custard and sprinkles


Chocolate Bomb

A large, concentrated sphere with layers of chocolate, nuts, and fruits and sugar frosting



Delicious melted strawberry chocolate encased in a soft pastry shell with rainbow gummies


Tangy Tango

Mango-based pastries with citrius infusion and lemon & lime ice-cream



Fairy Dust

Rainbow cupcakes with sugar frosting sprinkles and candy charms with different flavours


Sparkle Shine

Golden sprinkles with buttercake based cupcakes topped with fragrant ice-cream shavings


Sugary Treasure

Deep, rich chocolate cupcakes infused with light cotton candy flakes and sugar charms


Wabbit Wallop

carrot cake cupcakes with delicious orange charms and lemon shavings.


Not Feeling For Dessert?

Bruschetta Classico

Roasted eggplant spread, marinated with paprika and cheese flakes

Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken with bruschetta pieces and caesar dressing, and olive oil dressing

Sour Cream Waffles

Savoury waffles baked with sour cream and yummy cheese dip on the side

Cheese Garlic Bread

The classic toasted cheddar cheese sandwich with garlic infusion

Cottage Cheese Fusilli

A cheese fusilli with bbq sausage pieces and tomato sauce oozing with yummy goodness

Pepperoni Pizza

Hand-tossed pan pizza with beef pepperoni with extra cheese and basil leaves